Friday, April 28, 2017, at the Bari International Film Festival, musicians Stefano Caprioli, Francesco Cerasi, Riccardo Giagni, Andrea Guerra, Stefano Mainetti and Pivio officially presented the Statute and Manifesto of the ACMF – Film Music Composers Association.

The technological progress, the use and distribution methods on the web, the new organization systems for productions and cinema distribution, the speeding up of the production processes, the impoverishment of investments are the factors that create unsustainable conditions for healthy creative principles who want to combine tradition and expressive modernity.

Thus the desire to recover mastery and wisdom is born, getting rid of impromptu and harmful production mechanisms for the art of composing film music. Reshaping tradition, proposing planning and scheduling of certain times and spaces that in protecting the various phases, from creativity to realization and distribution, can bring to light the authority of our composers.

For the aforementioned reasons it seems urgent to found the ASSOCIATION OF FILM MUSIC COMPOSER, an association that can represent and protect its associates in their professional life, encouraging fair and transparent rules, from creation to implementation, to the management of copyright , promoting the dissemination of musical culture and creativity. I therefore aspired to assume the role of an important reference point for all Italian composers of film music and applied music.
Therefore, on April 28th 2017, the movement for the defense and the law of film music and applied music is officially born.