Stefano Mainetti

Rendering Revolution

The Project

Rendering Revolution is an audiovisual experience where music, painting, dance and video art meld within a specific space. Through a musical continuum, the spectator is guided in the observation of four artworks, each representing a revolution.

Rendering Revolution, by using a particular compositional technique, introduces a new element into the perception of music: Space. Here, music changes along with the position of the spectator, and it does so accompanying the listener in the fruition of the projected works of art.

Rendering Revolution is a soundtrack, that beginning from a center of gravity, accompanies us, while changing its significance according to the position in space, describing and melting into paintings that in turn come to life through theater dance animation.

Rendering Revolution, four different scores aired simultaneously, to describe different worlds with different styles, yet all tied in a double bind with the fifth score in the central room. The space in which the spectator moves is a cross: in the center a cello quintet airs a musical piece that mixes with the four different pieces of the four rooms at the end of the halls, rooms in which we find the images of the animated paintings.

Rendering Revolution is an experiment in synthesis, in fusion of different art forms, a modern melodrama, in the most extended sense of the term, a non linear process in which we hope that the result is superior to the sum of the parts and in which each component – music, dance, painting and video art – concurs in creating an enhanced musical reality that engrosses the spectator on a multisensory level.